The guest harbor is located inside the ferry terminal, on the east side of the island. There is room for about 15 boats.

The inner harbor, as well as the moorings on the north pier are rented berths. Temporarily green-marked moorings on the north pier may be used for normal port fee.

Depth: 1,75 - 4 m

The outer part of the guest harbor, inside the breakwater, is primarily designed for boats with deeper draft.

Port charges 2021

During the period 2021-04-01 until 2021-10-03, port fee per night applies for boats that remainin after 18:00
Started period after 18:00 is counted as night with full charge.

We do not charge a daily fee, therefore we are strict with 18:00 so the boats who intend to stay overnight can get room.

If you do not intend to stay, you must leave no later than 18:00 or pay the full port fee.

The port fee is SEK 200 / € 20 per night, free electricity is available if there are free sockets

During the post-season (ie the period from the Port fee ceases until the water and toilet are closed), the fee is SEK 100, € 10 / night incl. el.
- During the winter period no Port fee for temporary night guests and electricity only via card for electricity.

The port fee is paid via Swish (Pay system on mobile phone, phone no. 123 658 35 87), Bank transfer payment Bg 850-5398 or Cash self-service system, instructions will be found in the shower and toilet area.. 

If you visit the port often during other times, you will need an card for electricity. The card can be purchased via the harbor master and costs SEK 50, € 5 / each (See also instructions in the harbor).
We charge the card with the agreed amount. Cost per KWh is SEK 2:-, € 0.20. Minimum charge € 2. 

The port fee must be paid no later than 19:00 for the night you intend to stay in the port.

If you plan to stay several days, you can pay for all days at the first opportunity.

For emptying the septic tank, please visit the port of Björkö.



A WiFi connection is available at a speed of 500/500.
Passwords for the connection to the Internet is: Grotohamn
This means that you can surf and retrieve mail from your fixed / portable devices if you have WiFi connection in your device.
The fee is voluntary, but we appreciate if you pay, for example, as at an Internet café: 20:-, € 2 / 1.5 hours, preferably via Swish or in an envelope in the toilet space, mark the payment with "Internet". The envelope is placed in the mailbox next to the toilet.

When it comes to security, you are responsible for it. NOTE if several use the AP at the same time, the devices can be detected if file sharing is turned on or hard drives are distributed !!!!

For the technically interested, the system consists of the following: Fiber connection via Telia with 500 Mbit up / down, AP: F@st 5370e.

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We wish you a warm welcome to Grötö harbor!

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